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Yacht Flowers International Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2014
Colorful Tropical Flowers

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2014!

Welcome to the 55th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show!


Wow! Time goes by fast! We are once again around the corner of Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2014 (FLIBS)! It is nice to see some familiar faces and some new ones. 

This year at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the "Yachting Capital of the World", will host the 55th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on October 30-Nov 3, 2014!  We will be seeing some newest, fastest, the most beautiful yachts in the world! 

According the the show management:

 "Lauderdale International Boat Show...... exhibits range from yacht builders and designers to exotic cars and brokerage yachts. A wide variety of boats and sea vessels will be on display including runabouts, sportfishers, high performance boats, center consoles, cabin cruisers, flats boats, skiffs, express cruisers, sailing yachts, motor yachts, bowriders, catamarans, ski boats, jet boats, trawlers, inflatables, canoes, and extraordinary superyachts."

How very exciting! We cannot wait to bring the beautiful flowers to decorate these yachts!

Are you thinking about ordering flowers? There are some things that you may want to know. 

1. What flowers you should get?


First comes first, the number one rule is get the flowers will last. During the show there are many of the floral centerpieces are going to be staying at outdoor areas, so you should know the "tropical flower" are usually the best flowers to get (only if you are looking for something special or specific colors, then that is different). Tropical flowers are beautiful, colorful, hardy and heat resistance. It is the perfect choice for South Florida's sunny weather. 

2. When should you to get them?

So WHEN should the flowers be ordered? It is easy! Earlier the better! Call us, E-mails us!

You know how it is during boat show, always crazy busy everywhere! People, cars, boats coming and going creating massive chaos. So yes, order them early and save some hassle. We can deliver the flowers right to you, or you can stop by at our store and pick them up!

Yacht Flowers is located on 17th St. behind Waxy's and next to Green Bar. Take five and have a beer to chill off before you grab the flowers to go. Sounds good? 

Boat Show 2013


3. How can you keep your flowers fresh?

There are secrets. The #1 Secret to keep the flowers lasting longer and looking better is "love". Yes, flowers need to be cared! As soon as you get the flowers on board, you need to make sure the water level is full & add water daily. Don't leave them out under the sun either, they get shocked & sunburned (browning), especially with none tropical flowers. 

#2 Secret. Re-cut the stems. If you have a vase arrangement and you can see the stems changing color from green to yellow, change water and give a fresh cut! A fresh cut will help your flowers to drink water, therefore, lasting longer. #3 Secret, spray flowers with water. Flowers like to be misted! For example, orchids love heavy moisture!

#4 Secret is to keep flowers away from heat (especially for none tropicals), away from draft and on top of TV (heat). They don't like any of those areas. Flowers are very delicate and sensitive.


Sunreef yacht Aft Deck Flower

We hope these care tips will help your flowers last longer and stay more beautiful! If you have more questions, or want to order flowers for your vessel. Don't be shy and reach out to us! Our store is very close to Bahia Mar and we can come by and help you with some floral ideas to make your yacht look more amazing for your guests!


We are looking forward seeing you at show!

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